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Caffeine Reference Links


Newsgroup: alt.drugs.caffeine FAQ

Newsgroup: alt.drugs.caffeine


Caffeine and Tea

Coffee Heaven 

Coffee Science Source

Coffee Talk Magazine

Caffeine Molecule - GIF of Caffeine Molecule.

Caffeine Wiki

How Stuff Works - Caffeine

Save the Songbirds
Coffee drinkers do their part.

The Songbird Foundation

Coffee Shops

Caribou Coffee - Kinda Everywhere

Port City Java - Everywhere

Starbucks - Everywhere

Coffee Vendors

Ahrre's Coffee Roastery

Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee Puerto Rico

Aris Springs Organic Tea Store

Armeno Coffee Roaster Ltd. 

Avalon Organic Coffees

Aviva - Yerba Mate

Better Beans - WWW Roaster of the Month

Boston's Best Coffee Roasters

Buy Coffee Online

Cafe Campesino

Caribou Coffee

Caracolillo Coffee Mill

Carrabassett Coffee

Coffee, Expresso @ The Shopping Place

Coffees of Hawaii - 100% Molokai Coffee

Cool Brew Coffee from New Orleans Coffee

Gourmet Dream'n


JavaJohns Coffee House

JB Peel Coffee and Tea

JL Hufford Coffee and Tea

John Henry's World Famous Kona Coffee

Kalani Organica Coffee

Keopu Mauka Lani Plantation

Koa Coffee Plantation

Maui Coffee

Monarch Mountain Coffee

Montana Maid Coffee

Natasha's Cafe - Turkish Coffee

Ongebrand Coffee

Peet's Coffee Online 

Pele Plantation
Puccino's Coffee

Pure Kona Coffee from Hawaii

Quartermaine Coffee Roasters

San Giorgio Coffee

Second Cup Coffee Company

Spice of Life Coffee


Tesoros Del Sol Organic Coffee from Costa Rica

The Green Coffee Bean Company

Thomas Hammer Coffee Roasting Co.

Tully's Coffee

Victor Allen's Gourmet Coffees

Caffeinated Drink Links


Beaver Buzz

Jolt Cola


Other Stimulating Links

A World of Tea

Bellissimo - Specialty Coffee Education

Best Investments Coffee Newsletter (for coffee futures traders)

Coffee Club Online

Coffee Fest

Coffee Kids

Coffee Maker and Expresso Machine Review Site

Coffee Puns

Coffee Universe

Death By Caffeine

Epicure Exchange

Fuzzy Coffee

I NEED Coffee!

Roast Coffee in Your Popcorn Popper

Starbucks Store Locator

Sydney University Cappuccino Machine - Automatically updated picture of a cappuccino machine in Australia.

Too Much Coffee Man - The official Too Much Coffee Man site.

Trojan Room Coffee Machines - Automatically updated picture of a coffee pot in the UK.

Vivarin Home Page

Wired Java Fanatic

You Know You've Had Too Much Coffee When...

Cyber Cafes Around the World

Internet Cafe Guide


Austin Texas Wireless Hotspots
San Francisco Wireless Hotspots
Red Light Cafe - Atlanta, GA
CyberCafe - NYC


CB1 - Cambridge

Coffee Classifieds

post your classified ads here

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